Wednesday, September 27, 2006

mexican drinking game

this was for the mexican independance day... a huge thing here in mexico. Another huge thing in mexico is drinking... they like to do it for any sort of celebration. This was just another reason to bring out the game of "copas de vino"... i don't think thats really the name, but its what they say in the game.

sweet moves!

We were celebrating the chilean independance day because our friend is from Chile. The song is called "Mueve tu cuerpo" or translated into "Move your body". I'm sure you can tell that my dearest roommates took this command to heart

New York!

i was bored one day and put this together... its from the summer... but you might enjoy it

The town of Xico

the other one was the waterfalls... its pronounced hee-co

The waterfalls of Xico

i don't have time to write a description... but you can watch it for yourself